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Hunt Clubs - PURCHASE

We collaborate with investment partners to search out and identify "value-add" type properties that have lots of upside and untapped potential to be income producing assets. The strike point being, can we buy it at a price where the revenue streams we implement cover our annual debt service so the property is essentially paying for itself? 

Specific to each deal, we either designate these revenue streams as dividable income, or use towards additional property acquisition by participating in tax advantageous real estate practices.  Some of our clubs/properties will remain income producing holdings, but others will be purchased towards the intention of flipping

Our Process:

  • Strategically purchase untapped land in well-known, good hunting areas across North America
  • Develop the land towards premium hunting habitat, maxing out all improvements 
  • Construct adequate and sufficient lodging, quality and size specific to each property
  • Tap into all potential income sources
  • Enroll and/or apply for any and all available tax advantage programs 
  • Place property under strict wildlife management and supplemental plan
  • Provide turn key property to end buyer when market supports the value

Ideal Partners

Our ideal partners are those looking to put their money to work in a turn-key, income producing property, or an undeveloped short-term holding that can be bought below market value. They want to be invested in these types of assets, but don't necessarily have the time, resources or network to successfully undertake these types of projects. That's where we come in and do all the ground work and continuous management. Essentially, we structure every deal custom to each property in ways that are beneficial and mutually agreed upon by all equity partners involved.