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Cottonwood Creek

Cottonwood Creek

Habitat Consulting

1,598 Acres - Butler County, Kansas

  • Year round Habitat Consulting & Property Management
  • Implemented strict QDMA Wildlife Management plan
  • Established Trail Systems for different wind accessibility 
  • Strategic Stand placement with over 25 locations
  • Annual Trail Camera history, with 4 years currently contiguous, using DEERLAB
  • Hinge cut travel corridors and new doe bedding areas 
  • Agriculture Production with Annual Corn & Soybeans
  • Created Mineral Sites & Food Plots scattered throughout the farms with our Partners ANTLER KING

Seminole Ranch

Seminole Ranch

Make Ready

"BUCK RIDGE" 41 Acres - Seminole County, Oklahoma

**SOLD - 33% profit from initial purchase price to Sold Price 

Our Plan for Buck Ridge was a 1-2 year project as the landowner was wanting to buy-improve-flip for short term investment. We located a property with large upside in our clients price range, in an area well-known for above average hunting. Developed and completed an Improvement package plan for the property to sell "turn-key" to an end buyer once plan was fully executed. This property is targeted towards a single person, or "father-son" type buyer. 

  • Constructed new entrance with pipe gate and gravel 
  • Placed (5) tree stand locations for Multiple wind situations
  • Set (2) box blinds for rifle hunting
  • Designed enlarged aerial maps showing trail systems, food plots, and blind placements
  • Cleared and defined trail system throughout property for easy access to all stand locations
  • Implemented QDMA Management Plan
  • Established two food plots
  • Built Deer hanging/cleaning station
  • Established patterns with a trail cam history of mature bucks
  • Hinge cut bedding areas and cleared/burned dead trees
  • Prescribe burned in early spring to allow new undergrowth for deer to forage
  • Established a small camp near entrance 


Existing Landowner

670 Acres - Montague County, Texas

We have partnered with the landowner to do continual improvements to his property for an annual fee. We're now on year 4 of collaborating and have added value and improvements in several areas. The landowners have noticed significant improvements in their whitetail herd, and taken multiple mature bucks with bow and rifles since we began working with them and implementing our strategies and improvement plans. The property boasts 8 duck ponds as well as excellent turkey and hog hunting

  • Strategically placed multiple tower box blinds
  • Continually adjust and set tree stands for different wind situations
  • Annually improve habitat around duck ponds by planting different food sources attractive to waterfowl
  • Built and continually brush premium 4-man duck blinds around ponds for strategic wind directions.
  • Annually plant/maintain food plots for whitetail and turkey
  • Implemented and maintain strict supplemental and management plan for wildlife
  • Sell and Guide waterfowl hunts to produce income for landowners
  • Remodeled ranch house to be used as lodging 
  • Enrolled sections of property into CRP program for additional income to landowners
  • Assisted landowners in seeking out tax advantages their property can provide
  • Maintain Roads and trail systems
  • Annually Prescribe Burn designated areas, and hinge cut bedding/travel corridors